Meet Orcas Bikes

  After lots of planning, route making and bike testing, Orcas Bikes broke ground in April of 2021. Starting in a small shop on Prune Alley with a handful of bikes, the company began to gain a following and soon more bikes of different sizes joined the fleet. With bikes for everyone, tall and small, the hills of Orcas Island became a small feat for the casual rider. 

    We strive to create a business that lets bikers with any level of experience enjoy the scenic views of Orcas Island (without virtually breaking a sweat). Along with electronic bikes, riders can also rent a knowledgeable guide to take them on a preplanned route on either side of the island inspired by our phenomenal small local businesses.

   Orcas Bikes ended its first season with lots of success and is excited for 2022. 


What are you waiting for? Book a tour, lets explore!

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